The Strategy

Simple follow: every signal with Stop Loss, and Take Profit. Risk under control & money management.

Our set ups are easy to follow. We are looking for opportunities in the market and we send every signal with Stop Loss and Take Profit. The basics of the strategy are:

  1. We identify oportunities in the market based on:
    • Support and resistance from longer periods in shorter periods
    • Trend breakouts
    • Divergences in oscillators like RSI, MACD and Stochastic
    • Ichimoku key levels
  2. Once the setup is identifyed we give a probability of success. With this probability we set the SL and TP and adjust volume and risk
  3. The result is a signal like this:


Entry – 1.1805

SL – 1.1765

TP – 1.1895

Risk 0.5%

The level of risks are:

  • 3% for high probability and long term (over 1 week expected) set-ups
  • 2% for high probability and medium term (up to 1 week) ste-ups
  • 1% for high probability and short term (1-2 days maximum) set-ups
  • 0.5% for average probability set-ups

Why is important to take all set-ups?

A balanced strategy and money management is the base of success. Sometimes you will see a drawdown on high probability set-ups. This does not mean that the strategy is failing, it is part of the game. With average probability set-ups the risk is mitigated.

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